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Breathtaking landscaping and eye-catching lawns don't just happen. Lawn care takes time and expertise that you just don’t have. We get it. And that’s why we’re here to help. Our landscaping and lawn care professionals handle everything from landscape design and installation to weekly lawn care and maintenance.

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You can count on us to keep your property looking its best to put your mind at ease, boost curb appeal and make you puff up with pride each time you pull into the driveway.

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The perfect solution for all of your landscaping needs.

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Residential Landscaping

Create the yard of your dreams! Work with our talented crew to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood. It starts with a FREE consultation.

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Commercial Landscaping

Impress your clients with peaceful and inviting outdoor spaces. Give a professional look to your building. Great first impressions are just a phone call away.

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Lawn Care

Cancel your Saturday date with the lawnmower! Our pros will make your lawn the envy of the neighbors for less than you think.

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A beautiful lawn can bring enjoyment and a sense of pride. If you are a home owner o a business person and have worked on keeping up with the maintenance then you know that it can be hard work and time consuming. Our company stands as a alternative to the do it yourself option. By using our services you can free up your spare time for more enjoyably pursuits.

Lawn Pro is an family owned local business. We are members of the Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce and The Virginia Turf Grass Council. We are a professional lawn care and landscaping service providing quality lawn care for our Hampton Roads residents and businesses for 40 years.

You can trust our team to provide you with all your lawn care needs in a timely manner.

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"We appreciate all of the extra and caring steps that you took to assist us in making our yard and lawn a safe and healthy environment. All of you not only met our expectations, but you have gone over and above many times this summer. - Buck C.

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"We've been with Lawn Pro for well over 10 years and could not have picked a better lawn and landscape service! "
Timothy T.

They Do It All!

"Now the only time I think of my yard is to admire its beauty. The only complaint I have is that I did not contact Lawn Pro sooner."
Keyla K.


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Lawn Care & Maintenance

Maintaining an attention-grabbing lawn will eat up your precious evenings and weekends in a hurry.

We’ll make sure you never have to worry about that again. Our lawn care experts aerate, fertilize, kill weeds, and handle pest control. That’s on top of regular mowing and edging, of course.

That way, you can relax and enjoy your yard in your free time, rather than sweating behind a lawnmower in the summer sun.

Lawn Service Hampton Roads
Residential Landscaping Virginia Beach

Landscaping Design & Installation

Let us take your yard from stunted to stunning.

Our professional landscape artists can turn your vision into a creative landscape design and bring it to life.

Our experienced team will install it quickly and affordably.

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Case Study: An Investment In Peace Of Mind

Rory felt that same sinking feeling as he pulled in the driveway after work. The same one he felt every day. The yard was a mess. The shrubs looked forgotten. And the oak tree was overgrown and starting to look dangerous. But after another long week at work, he just didn’t have the time or energy to do it himself. 

Finally, he broke down and called Lawn Pro. He scheduled a free consultation ,met with Jerry and listened to his suggestions. They got his yard under control right away with weekly maintenance. Eventually, they also decided on some small additions and upgrades-- new shrubs in the front, azaleas on the sides, and a couple of new flower beds in the backyard to bring it all together.

That was three years ago and Rory says that it is a pleasure to come home and see the well kept yard. He is sure the neighbors are impressed as well. 

Do you suffer from lawn-induced stress? Trust your landscaping to the professionals at Lawn Pro. Call us today.

Landscaping Virginia Beach
Landscaping Hampton Roads
Lawn Service Hampton Roads
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We don’t just trim lawns; we groom them properly to become attractive to visitors or customers. We use proven methods to keep the turf healthy and green. Landscaping involves balancing all the elements in your garden to create harmony and enhance its beauty. Choosing the best combination of flowering and non-flowering plants is one of our areas of specialization.

Lawn Pro will take your landscaping to a whole new level. Call us today so we can start working on your residential or commercial lawn as soon as possible.


Lawn Pro is a trusted provider of lawn care and maintenance in Virginia. We specialize in bringing damaged lawns back to life. Our team focuses on the quality of our work and the customers’ satisfaction.

A commercial and residential landscaper from Lawn Pro is polite, trustworthy, and efficient. You can make sure your lawn is in good hands, as we have extensive knowledge and experience in providing lawn services. Whether your lawn needs some restoration, replanting, or trimming, our team has got you covered. We’ve been providing professional services to home and business owners in Virginia for over 30 years, and we want you to be one of our happy and satisfied customers.

Our family-owned business helps homeowners and entrepreneurs with their lawn maintenance problems. We understand how hard it is to balance your time for work and family.

Residential Freedom
 Our role is to take away the stress of maintaining your lawn so you can free up some precious time for other meaningful activities. As a sound alternative to DIY maintenance, our service covers all your lawn care needs – from landscaping to fertilizing.
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It’s not always easy to keep your lawn in top condition. You need to mow the grass, trim the overgrown shrubs, and make sure pests and weeds are not destroying your precious turf. All of these can be hard work, and not everyone has the time to do each task. When it comes to keeping your turf in top condition, our team can offer the best solutions to suit your needs.

Lawn Pro provides comprehensive lawn care maintenance to give your landscape the treatment it deserves. We specialize in weed and insect control, thatching, and overall maintenance for all seasons. From trimming, mowing, fertilizing, to complete landscaping services, our team would be more than glad to help in every step of the way.


We Are A Reliable Full-Service Lawn Maintenance Company In Virginia Beach

We’re the lawn care company behind many of the best residential and commercial landscaping projects in Hampton Roads over the past 30 years. In the process, we’ve improved people’s lives, inspired their workforce and increased the property value of hundreds of homes and businesses in our community.

We want to do the same for you! Your job will never be too large or too small for us. Whether we’re reshaping and redesigning your entire property or trimming your lawn with care and precision, we pay attention to every last detail.

Our mission is always to help you get the most enjoyment and value out of your outdoor space while saving you precious time and money. Call us for a free quote and find out for yourself.

Landscaping Virginia Beach

5% Off New Lawn Maintenance Contracts 

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Read Some Persistent Landscaping Myths:

Great Landscaping Hampton roads

“If I cut my grass short, then I won’t need to do it as often.”

At Lawn Pro, we hear this comment a lot.  The fact is, cutting grass too short actually harms the grass and allows weeds to flourish. It’s a shock to the system of the plant and risks exposing the roots to damaging amounts of sunlight. The correct length varies by grass type, so do some research (or call us). So before you set your mower on the lowest setting call us!

“I don’t need professional landscaping.”

Some landscaping jobs (especially maintenance) can certainly be done by a non-professional. But do you have the time and knowledge to do it well? If done right, superior landscaping can increase the value of your home by as much as 10-15%. You also need to decide what your time is worth. If cutting your grass and keeping up with the edging, mulching and trimming is your idea of fun then go for it. But if you would rather be at the beach, on your boat or spending time relaxing with family and friends then give us a call.

“Trees don’t add any value besides appearance”

Trees are a great addition to any landscaping project but it’s not just about looks. Trees have a significant cooling effect on your yard and your home. That means that they not only look great and save you money as well.

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Rory G.

Lawn Pro has done a great job with my property in Chesapeake. Their team is fast, experienced and shows up each week to take care of the cutting, edging, trimming etc. I highly recommend Lawn Pro if you want a great job at a great price on a consistent basis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I aerate my lawn?

Aeration helps remove excess thatch, which is a buildup of dead grass that can harbor insects and disease. Aeration also helps roots to grow more deeply and allows water and nutrients a direct path to the root zone.

What’s the benefit of a sprinkler system?

When you water by hand you usually do it a random and not on a regular schedule. So a timed sprinkler system will generally use less water and allow you to customize your watering program based on factors like sun exposure. Plus, it lets you live your life freely, without worrying about getting home from vacation early to water the lawn.

When is the best time to plant?

Most shrubs and trees should be planted in either Spring or Fall. With perennial flowering plants, Spring is your best option but late summer and early fall are also fine

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