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Commercial and Residential Landscape Services


Lawn Pro is a trusted provider of lawn care and maintenance in Virginia. We specialize in bringing damaged lawns back to life. Our team focuses on the quality of our work and the customers’ satisfaction.

6910962578_9c7a956749_mA commercial and residential landscaper from Lawn Pro is polite, trustworthy, and efficient. You can make sure your lawn is in good hands, as we have extensive knowledge and experience in providing lawn services. Whether your lawn needs some restoration, replanting, or trimming, our team has got you covered. We’ve been providing professional services to home and business owners in Virginia for over 30 years, and we want you to be one of our happy and satisfied customers.

We Care about You…and Your Lawn

Our family-owned business helps homeowners and entrepreneurs with their lawn maintenance problems. We understand how hard it is to balance your time for work and family. Our role is to take away the stress of maintaining your lawn so you can free up some precious time for other meaningful activities. As a sound alternative to DIY maintenance, our service covers all your lawn care needs – from landscaping to fertilizing.


From Expert Landscaper To Grooming Your Lawn

We don’t just trim lawns; we groom them properly to become attractive to visitors or customers. We use proven methods to keep the turf healthy and green. Landscaping involves balancing all the elements in your garden to create harmony and enhance its beauty. Choosing the best combination of flowering and non-flowering plants is one of our areas of specialization.

Lawn Pro will take your landscaping to a whole new level. Call us today so we can start working on your residential or commercial lawn as soon as possible.


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