Lawn Pro, a lawn service in Virginia Beach is committed to providing high quality, reliable landscape services to residents and businesses in Virginia Beach, VA area. You can trust the professionals at the Lawn Pro to keep your lawns and gardens looking fresh and new all year with personalized and consistent landscape services. We provide quick, dependable maintenance and landscape renovations, to both residential and commercial lawns. In addition, our experienced staff can offer expert advice for all your landscape and irrigation requirements.

Expert Lawn Service

Lawn Pro provides custom landscape services by a experienced, knowledgeable, and courteous staff that is highly dedicated to make your lawn look, just amazing. Our professional landscapers have the expertise one needs to grow healthy, sustainable lawns in the Hampton Roads area. You will be satisfied with their deep subject knowledgeable and their friendly crews who deliver fast, accurate and efficient services to keep your property looking beautiful and impressive year round.

We Provide Many Services

Lawn Pro, lawn service in Virginia Beach offers economical choices for your landscape. Your landscape maintenance service can be customized by these consultants so that it can suit your budget and lifestyle.

lawn-care-ef31b20a2d_640We offer a range of services, including:

– Trimming and Pruning
– Mowing and Edging
– Mulching and Lawn Fertilization
– Weed Control
– Aerating, Seeding, and Thatching
– Landscape Installation and Renovation


Choose Lawn Pro

Whatever you want from regular maintenance to keep your home or office looking great to a full landscape renovation to provide that beautiful look you have been wanting. Lawn Pro is your one stop for great lawn care services and landscaping. So whether your desire is for a tranquil backyard retreat, the perfect yard for the small children or a corporate entrance, it can be fulfilled by Lawn Pro. Call us today for efficient, reliable service and budget-conscious solutions which will help you to maintain and increase the value of your real estate investment.

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